Hyperion Global Energy

Energy for Everyone

WHY We Do It

1.3 billion people live without electricity. 2.3 billion people have only intermittent access. Our current energy practises consume fossil fuels in a completely unsustainable and destructive way. If left unaddressed, energy poverty, intensified by the catastrophic global effects of climate change, cannot be solved in time.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of the possible: exploring the edge of human knowledge to see what’s out there and taking that next great leap. We believe in open collaboration, the creation of a nexus of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art and social impact for all.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


We create elegant systems that run on the most advanced technology, providing the most affordable, clean, and safe energy for everyone.


We create elegant systems that run on the most advanced technology, providing the most affordable, clean, and safe energy for everyone.

HOW We Do It

We create massive amounts of clean, safe energy by smashing atoms in an entirely different way.

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INVESTORS and Donors

What to expect?

We’re working to ensure everyone has an opportunity to benefit from our projects. We are bringing in diverse groups of individuals, companies and organizations looking to not only utilize our services, but also to contribute resources to assist in our efforts in making the move to renewable and large clean energy sources more accessible to businesses, communities cities and industry at large. Whether you’re a small individual investor, a large institution or a Venture Capitalist, we want everyone to be able to profit from our projects.

If you’re a coal mine / plant owner or a utility with coal in your portfolio, we can assist you in the transition. This will allow you to continue to generate profit for the short and long term while maintaining local jobs and improving the community.

Investors and Donors can reach out to us at:

Luke Tucker

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Luke is a Senior Executive with over 18+ years of experience leading, training, staffing, and enabling large multinational teams. He’s commanded complex multi-dimensional projects from concept to execution in often ambiguous and demanding situations.

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Dr. Leung Waihung

Nuclear Officer

As a world-renowned nuclear engineer, Leung is Hyperion’s nuclear engineering specialist, with over 20 years of experience in the nuclear industry focusing on advanced nuclear research and design. His knowledge plays a key role in developing the Hyperion Clean Energy solution.

Luke Tucker

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Luke is a Senior Executive with over 18+ years of experience leading, training, staffing, and enabling large multinational teams. He’s commanded complex multi-dimensional projects from concept to execution in often ambiguous and demanding situations.

Mark Suchy

Business Development Officer

With over a decade championing heavy-weight international funding projects, Mark has extensive knowledge managing all aspects of investment transactions. He has ample experience bringing together major industry players and government organizations. Mark’s major transactions experience ranges from LA to New York and from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

Richard Suchy

Infrastructure Operations Officer

Richard is a mechanical engineer by trade with over 30 years of experience having managed some of the world’s largest energy projects. He is an expert in building, managing and leading the construction of energy projects of any size.

John A. Thomas

Operations Officer

John is a highly experienced negotiator and business executive with decades of international experience. He has worked in a number of strategic roles in Europe, the Middle East and Asia with a unique set of skills and experiences, which makes him the perfect fit to guide Hyperion to success.

Kim Marchand

Senior engineering advisor to Hyperion

She is an outstanding engineer and a gifted project manager. Her most recent project was a $375 million dollar multi-building facility. Her attention to detail and ability to wrangle together numerous large and small companies to execute such a complex build means she is a great addition to our project. She is currently working on the initial Hyperion building designs.

Logan Schinbeckler

With 15 years of experience in a wide variety of design and leadership rolls, Logan Schinbeckler has become a 'one man army' of graphic and product design. Logan has developed a focus on total product and business design cohesion, and has built the technical and communication skills to conceive of brilliant solutions and concepts, and then implement his vision to the highest quality possible.

Simeon Gordon

Having graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Computer Science, Simeon Gordon is a brilliant and experienced developer and cryptographic specialist. Simeon has contributed to major blockchain development projects, cutting edge 'big data' systems, and has developed both incredible technical flexibility and impressive leadership skills.


Our Vulcan Thermal Power Cores, or as we like to call them BFRs (Big Friggin Reactors), are the cutting edge of modern energy technology. They are so powerful and safe that just one of our power cores can provide enough electricity for a million homes.

Like the space program and rockets, all things fission has had a remarkable history. Most wide scale innovations that have changed the world can trace their roots back to multiple decades of research, development and innovation. Whether it's the Wright brothers’ first flight to the modern airplane or vacuum tubes to today's modern smart phones, they all share a long and important history.

The following video will give you a snapshot of the earliest innovation into the technology that Hyperion Global Energy is bringing forward into today's world.

The base load and on-demand nature of our product, combined with our neural network means that we can be integrated within a distributed network, legacy network, or be the initiating node for a new network.

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

There are a number of important additional benefits with our technology like using the excess heat generated in our plants to dramatically lower the cost of creating clean drinking water through desalination.

Our follow on models will also be able to use the spent nuclear fuel (nuclear waste), from existing conventional nuclear reactors, and efficiently convert it into electricity.

There are more neat little tricks up our sleeves, but we’re not sharing them just yet. These undertakings cannot be done alone. We need your help as a collaborator, donor, or both. Our collective future depends on everyone’s actions today.

The Vulcan 3

  • Reactor Type: Molten Salt fueled reactor
  • Fuel: Uranium or Spent Nuclear Waste
  • Fuel Salt:Lithium Fluoride
  • Moderator: Zirconium Hydride
  • Neutron Spectrum: Thermal
  • Net Electric Capacity: 1000 Mw(e) or greater
  • Outlet Temperature: 650C
  • Gross Thermal Efficiency: 44% using a Brayton Cycle with reheat
  • Fuel Efficiency: Considerably higher per Mw than a conventional light water reactor
  • Long-lived Actinide Waste: Significantly less per MW than conventional light water reactors
  • Loss of Station Power or Blackout Power: It is completely safe without outside intervention (walk away safe)
  • Mode of Operation: Used for base load as well as load following
  • Can power an average of a million + homes


Why should you, the business owner, have to deal with sky-high electricity costs?

The answer is you don’t.

If you’re running a business or an institution, the last thing you want to have to deal with is the complexities of running your own microgrid. The initial cost outlays and the staff required to maintain it, can have a negative effect on your bottom line despite your best intentions and desire to positively impact the environment.

We handle it all and let you get back to running your company.

Each system we develop is a combination of the energy sources best suited for your needs and what works best with the natural resources in your geographical area. We understand there can be some hesitation regarding the aesthetics with the addition of a renewable system. Our designs are created to enhance the value of your business and bring positive attention to the area.

Our renewable systems are extremely robust and can easily be set up to power remote communities and isolated mining operations.

Our renewable systems can scale up to 50 Megawatts each, providing a great deal of flexibility and can grow or shrink in sync with your requirements.

Nexus Neural Networks (N3)

Our Nexus Neural Networks (N3) will provide enormous cost savings and make significant changes to the way energy is managed, creating a robust, agile system better suited to the digital world we live in.

Phase 1

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Smart contracts
  • Data storage
  • Proof of ownership (Authentication & Authorisation)
  • Digital Identity (protects privacy of consumers)

Phase 2

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Renewable grid management
  • Vulcan 3 management

Phase 3

  • Physical Energy Distribution (monitoring & Automation)
  • Peer-to-Peer transactions (Verification by network participants)

Phase 4

  • Digital Energy Commodities Trading (including proof of ownership and title transfer)
  • Foreign Exchange (currency exchange / conversion)